An international airport for socio-economic development to serve origin-destination traffic from Benin, but also from Nigeria near the Lagos urban center.


In 2007 Petrolin was intrusted by a mandate from the President of Benin to carry out studies on the siting and construction of a new international airport in Benin which includes searching for technical and financial partners for the construction of the airport and any other related facilities that enable the airport to become an international platform and a Pan-African hub.

Under the mandate from the Prisendent and the Memonrandum of Understanding signed between PIC Network Limited and the Republic of Benin in 2007, and as part of the Backbone Project, a property of 4295 hectares was reserved in Kraké, in Sèmè-Podji, for the construction of a new international aireport.

This new airport is ideally positioned near the southern Benin-Nigeria border with the aim of serve southern Nigeria and Benin passenger and freight markets.