A new facility as a way to complement the existing Port of Cotonou in Benin for reducing congestion and developing additional activities and markets.


Pursuant to the Framework Convention, PIC Network and the State concluded on 9 December 2011, the Special Convention for the construction of the Oil, Mineral and Commercial deep water port at Sèmè-Podji.

At a meeting of Ministers in charge of transport and infrastructure of ECOWAS and the African Union held in Abidjan on 15 March 2012, the Ministers accorded a high priority to the Project.

Under the Particular Convention, the State has granted exclusively to PIC International the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the Deep Water Port at Sèmè-Podji.

The State made available to PIC a land area declared as public utility covering 1006 hectares located in the Commune of Sèmè-Podji for the construction of the deep-water port.

As a prerequesite to the construction of the Deep-water, the company has undertaken the necessary studies including the Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) in compliance with the IFC’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards.

After the validation of the ESIA by the Benin Authorities, The Ministry for sustainable development of Benin (Ministère du Cadre de Vie et du Développement Durable) delivered to PIC Network a Environmental Compliance Certificate for the construction of the Oil, Mineral and Commercial Deep-Water Port of Sèmè-Podji.

Main activities and flow of goods:

  • Container traffic (import, export, transshipment);
  • Import / export of bulk and general loads (petrolium products, mineral ores, building materials, agricultural products, etc.)
  • Containers,
  • Ro-Ro