A solution to co-ordinate and handle the goods properly moved by rail or road from and to the sea ports.


Petrolin obtained from the authorities of the State of Benin a land parcel of 50 hectares that can be extended to 100 hectares or more for the construction of the Dry Port of Parakou.

At the request of the government of Benin, Petrolin made the necessary investments to build this dry port which is now already completed and will soon be operational.

The Dry Port of Parakou is a multi-modal platform located at 3 km away from the centre city of Parakou and it is close to the railway. The connections between the dry port and the railway have been completed.

The Dry Port of Parakou gives the Backbone Project a strategic position for imports and exports to neighbouring countries, notably Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Togo.

Dry Port details:

  • 4.55 hectares container yard
  • 0.8 hectares loading/unloading zone
  • 0.8 hectares operations zone
  • 4 hectares heavy vehicle parking area
  • Fire protection system in place
  • Rail and road connection
  • Administrative buildings
  • Maintenance shop
  • Warehouses